Sidewinder Slot: A Player Hits It Real Big


Amazingly, a true revelation of this autumn – the Sidewinder slot game by JFTW – took our casino by storm! How so? WildTornado’s new player nicknamed DomRom122 became $47.873 wealthier after a 5 minute wandering in the retro world of Sidewinder!

A Massive $61,520 win on a slot game

One lucky player shares the artistry of winning big

Today WildTornado Casino is a bearer of great tidings! We won’t beat around the bush and splash it right away – on the fortunate evening of July 11, our new player, nicknamed TristanX5, scooped a whopping $61,520 on a $30 bet! It was Play ‘N Go’s Book of Dead that awarded him such an enviable prize!

Advice on how to win big in July 2018

It is quite safe to say that playing any kind of game, whether a slots or a table game, requires a great deal of luck. Interestingly, while some players prove to be really fortunate, often winning big sums of money, others consider themselves doomed to hardly ever grab some shallow prizes. Naturally, the question pops up: ‘ What’s wrong with the latter?’ , ‘ Are they really meant to be deprived of real success in their lives?’

A Mind-blowing Blackjack Win at WildTornado

The best bus ride of his life. Meet Timothy who won €5K on his way to work!

Wild Tornado player wins €10,759 on a €300 Bet on NetEnt’s Classic Blackjack on July 6, 2018

Who said that bus rides always have to be boring? It sure wasn’t Timothy who got a lucky break on his way to work while playing NetEnt’s Classic Blackjack. Our friend, a retired plumber, shared with us how he won a mind-boggling €10,759 on a €300 bet whilst playing at Wild Tornado Casino.

€20,077, Player Y’s second big win

What we absolutely adore at WildTornado is sharing the compelling stories of uncanny luck of our consistent players. We believe in them, while they believe in us. Consequently, this tandem proves to work wonders – perpetual inspiring success of our loyal gamers in playing slot games.

A Lucky Player Wins 12 BTC While Cuddling Cute Cats

It’s always the dream for all slot players – both casual and experienced ones – to land a big win while playing slot machines. They unceasingly talk about luck, special stars alignment patterns, game strategies, self-suggestion, talismans and a lot of other similar theories that, as they believe, might help them win big while playing slots.

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