How To Attract Luck In Gambling With The Help Of Food 



Among the several ways to boost luck in your life, there is one that prominently stands out. We are referring to food-related rituals – the easiest and tastiest way to amass riches. 


Well, who has not heard of eating leafy greens on New Year’s Day? Being of the same colour as dollars, these terribly healthy plants are believed to bring you riches if only you dig into them at least once a year. Hey, we know what you might be thinking right now: ‘It’s a shame these are not burgers or chicken nuggets that look like money!’  


But don’t worry! For those gamblers who didn’t manage to take a shine to kale, cabbage, and other green stuff throughout the years, we happily announce that the ‘find-luck-in-eating’ realm has some other and tastier foods in store for you! We will share them with you pretty soon, but first, let us draw your attention to the research findings which you may find to be truly surprising.


Study: Eat Less, Win More



Iowa Gambling Task is a psychology-related test aimed at the stimulation of the abilities of real-life decision making. The test in question was used in a number of studies, all of which suggest one thing – you make better decisions if your stomach is empty. 


To elaborate on the study, half of its participants were prescribed with abstinence from food after 11 PM the night before the next day’s test. In the morning, when they showed up for the session, they were given 200ml of yoghurt, which is enough to satisfy one’s minimum sustenance needs. Subsequently, they got down to the game. 


The experiment entailed students choosing cards which were placed in 4 different decks. Of course, there was a trick associated with this: some decks contained more winning cards than others, so every time the control group had to decide which deck to choose. Naturally, some decisions led participants to wins, while others resulted in failures. 


The outcome was very clear  – players who were hungry scored way better than those whose stomachs were full. The study strongly suggests that contrary to common belief, you do not need to fill your stomach before doing the task that requires you to make an important decision. And there is an explanation: 


Hot states, such as being hungry, tend to trigger one’s emotional arousal, which in its turn, sharpens one’s sense of intuition. Therefore, when a person relies on their feelings, the decisions they make appear to be better.


As it stands, you will not do yourself any favours by eating a solid meal prior to getting down to gambling.


But then again, you remember the participants of the aforementioned experiment were given a little bit of yoghurt before the game? Bear witness as we are about to list a couple of snacks that you could have either before playing or when you take a short break from your game sessions. Science guarantees they will do a world of good to your winning chances!


Foods That Help Gamblers To Perform Better

Top 5 Foods For Gamblers – #1 Blueberry


Worshipped by nutritionists, blueberries contain an abundance of antioxidants that are a wonder at boosting your brain function and improving your memory. As such, they are dubbed as a ‘super snack’ and should be consumed by every sane gambler.


Top 5 Foods For Gamblers – #2 Avocado


Undoubtedly, avocados are one-of-a-kind fruits. Unlike its brothers and sisters that mostly contain carbohydrates, avocado consists of 77% of healthy fats. Let us clarify, these are not your usual fats that can be found in meats, but extremely healthy ones known as monounsaturated fatty acids – a powerhouse of health benefits for your body. Furthermore, avocados are rich in fibre that will give you a lot of energy and they also contain a high level of antioxidants essential for the health of your eyes!  


Top 5 Foods For Gamblers – #3  Walnuts


Walnuts are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids that are known to enhance your memory and mental functions. The thing is that both your brain and your body needsneed a constant supply of those to showcase a decent performance. Just make sure you do not go overboard with this snack as it falls into the category of highly caloric foods. 


Top 5 Foods For Gamblers – #4 Broccoli


Even though broccoli may not be a very tantalizing vegetable to savour for your taste buds, it appears to be a panacea for keeping your brain and memory in a good shape. Such outstanding healthy effects are attributed to its ability to generate acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter that is responsible for maintaining muscle movements, cognitive functions and memory. 


Top 5 Foods For Gamblers – #5 Dark Chocolate


1 or 2 ounces of dark chocolate that contains at least 70% of cocoa will not only noticeably boost your performance at gambling, but they will also contribute to your good mood. This treat appears to be both tasty and healthy, yet it is laden with calories, so make sure you don’t allow yourself gobble up the whole bar. 


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